Charitable Trust in India: Eradicate Hindrances to Girls’ Education

Charitable Trust in India: How Can Academic Philanthropic Events Eradicate Hindrances to Girls’ Education?

Since the day she takes birth in her family, she is considered a burden. Although she has an equal right to education like her brothers, she is abused and stopped from completing her higher education. At an age when she should hold paper and pen in her hand, society offers her wedding bangles. She is none other than a girl child belonging to the deprived section of society in India.

Even in some parts of rural India, gender-based violence and child marriage do exist. So, with an intention to eradicate these obstacles to girls’ education, the top charitable trust in India conducts educational events. This post elucidates how an educational event can eliminate obstacles in a girl’s life who wants to pursue higher education despite being a part of the deprived group.

Top 2 Obstacles in a Girl Child’s Life Amidst Poverty: How the Charitable Trust in India Eliminates Them?

The following are the top 2 obstacles faced by poor girl children that every charitable trust in India aims to eliminate by hosting events:

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a major obstacle in a girl’s life. At a young age, parents let their girls marry someone for different reasons. A few parents still believe this act can protect their girl child from stigma or harm based on developing relationships outside the marriage. Others think marrying at a young age allows girls to stay within the boundaries of their houses. As a result, child brides fail to complete their education, thereby becoming a victim of these things:

  • Early Pregnancy
  • Malnourishment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Pregnancy Complications

For families that experience financial hardship, this act reduces their economic burden due to dowry. However, their decisions end up destroying their girl’s life and career forever. To eliminate these obstacles, the best charitable trust in Punjab conducts educational events.


Women and girls belonging to the disadvantaged society in India are trafficked. They face physical, mental, and sexual health issues. This act forces women to become a victim of a cycle of slavery and poverty. As a result, the act prevents them from pursuing education and create hindrance in their career. Every dedicated charitable trust in Punjab and other parts of India aims to eradicate these issues by promoting education and its importance through events and campaigns.

The purpose is to spread the word about gender equality. Every responsible charity believes that everyone deserves to become educated and earn a living. Thus, they host academic campaigns to offer in-kind donation gifts and services related to education.

Era Charity is a dedicated charitable trust in India that aims to ignite change through educational events for the marginalised section of society. Its purpose is to offer a better and healthier life to every girl child and woman in India.


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